24 November 2004

As I said in an earlier blog I’m really going to have to cut down on internet time…Hard to believe last year I got photocopying and internet for free!

My main piece of news to report is Scrambled #4 is going to have to be postponed; that is unless a group of helpful little fairies do the work for me while I’m sleeping.
This is for a few reasons:

-I still have around 1/3 of the comic to complete and I don’t want to rush it. Even though I’m keen to get it out there, once it does get out, it stays out, so you have to get as right as possible.
-Due to the popularity of past issues of Scrambled, I have to do some reprinting and restocking over the next month.1
-A new project has sprung into my lap this week, it’s a big project and due in January. I’ll keep in under my hat for now but I’m very excited about it.2

Good news is that I’ll only have to postpone it for around a month, and in the meantime all you subscribers out there will most likely receive a little something in the mail to make up for it.

1 That means you moon rocket et al.
2 This isn’t your thing Leigh, but that other project I mentioned to you, wink.

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