18 November 2004

I received my Crumb poster from lambiek today (Qui a peur de Robert Crumb?) and it looks fantastic. Crumbs watercolour work is really striking. Speaking of Crumb there's a whole lot of images on his site that don't display for me, I love to see any new work from him.
Probably going down to Melbourne tomorrow, I'll see if I can pick up that new Collier book. I'm dying to lay my eyeballs on it!
In other breaking news both my car and my bike are in for services. I fixed the flat on my bike ok, but after riding it into town the wheel came loose and skidded me to halt! So I took it in for a general service after its winter forlorn. And as for the car it's fine just needed some cosmetic stuff done to it; a strip fell off the side plus a new headlight cover.

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