17 November 2004


I get a certain amount of free internet here at school and when I go over that limit I have to top it up with the aid of cash. Last month I put $20 on there figuring it'd last me awhile but I've run out already and had to top it up again. Looking at my usage chart I realised my time online has been steadily increasing. So I'm going have to cut but a little on my Google image searches for now.
Been busy lately. But in a good way as opposed to other month were I was jut plain flat out. Been contributing strips all over the place and doing a few little illustration jobs also, writing my own stuff etc.
One of my latest discoveries is writing essay style comics. Seems like I've been working more and more towards it. especial how my sketchbook comes across. So now I'm trying to teach myself to make that all a little more coherent, it's lots of fun.
If you’re some one who's interested in comics* (Non superhero/fantasy)and also writes a blog, I'd like to hear from you: awcomix-at-yahoo-dot-com

*reading and or writing/drawing.

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