4 November 2004

So I ended up going to Melbourne and getting some of those comics I saw last week (Worn tuff Elbow, which I highly recommend & Blood orange which I mainly bought for the Jeffery Brown strip in there)
Art schools winding down for the year and all the craziness of it is starting to fade also. Like I recently wrote in my sketchbook I get fine art and all but still I just want to draw comics (Which is not to put any grade on either but fine art is fine art and comics are comics) comics can be fine art and fine art can be comics. So there’s no problem there at all. But I am so ready for the coming break, phew!
Also I almost ready to put out anew 7pages so be on the lookout for that (or maybe I’ll send you one) it will also be an e-mailable file around 1200k that you can print out your self if your not in the local area.
Just spent the afternoon hanging out in the school library reading books on comics and cartooning, sometimes they can have handy little technical hints on brushes, paper, and various ink and so forth. One was from 1926 and was talking about the growing popularity of comics and their status as an art form, ah the golden years…
The rain still sound as if it’s coming down out there can’t wait to get home and have some quality time with my blanky and beanbag.
Oh yeah and thanks for the letters I've received in the last few days they brighten my day immensely.

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