17 January 2005

"comics are a medium not a genre"

My friend leigh just sent me Marc Bells New ‘petit Livre’ (F: 'little book') ‘The Stacks’ from D&Q and it is very awesome indeed. What can I say I love his work. And lucky for the comic world he’s on fire at the moment*, with this his 3rd book being published in the last few months. Silly of me to explain just go and get a copy anyway you can, beg, borrow, steal etc.
*Another way of saying, ‘he’s so hot right now…’
Also Mandy Ord (Thanks) passed on this web site as resource for people wanting to teach comics. The national association of comic art educators.
They had a definition of the word Comix with an ‘x’ that I’ve never heard or thought of before: "I see the word "Comix" often now, implying the "co-mixing" of words and pictures". Perhaps that will catch on. Anyway look at the rest of the FAQ section, it's a good read.
The reason I call myself 'awcomix' is because apparently awcomics was already taken at yahoo, then I just figured, hey it let's you know it’s for adults and not kiddy comics so went ahead with awcomix. Plus it’s quicker to type…But i like the comixing idea also :)
I must also add that i just ound out about crumbs cover for the new yorker if I'm not mistaken was This year on Nov the 29th[?] If any one could send me a scan or link that'd be great.

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