24 January 2005

Kramers Ergot #5

Currently in Melbournre for a few days on a trip with Heathers parents. I'm actually typing this from my old work on Elizabeth st here (G.G) and yes Josh, nat is behind the counter.
Popped into a book store on Lygon last night, readings I think it's called, and saw that Kramers ergot #5. May I say there was much drool happening (I managed to not get any on the book). I didn't even bother to look at the price, as I'm in no finacial position at the moment. It's so beautiful though...


Anthony Woodward said...

Hey I just got this comments section up and running after a bunch of past failures with the code. It was always there but not visibly.
I have Ian T to thanks for the prompt, so start firing off thos comments!

Lumpen said...

Hey Tones,
Minidisc is good. I ended up getting an analogue lead for it. The sound is fine, but the volume is a little low. For a couple of hours I thought I could use the Singstar Mic USB cord from the PS2! But, just like communism, it only worked in theory.
The Lyrics Born interview was rescheduled for this Monday. Now I get to shit myself all over again.

Ian T. said...

Thanks, Anthony, it's nice having the comments switched on - if I could think of anything to say, that is :)


Ian T.