22 February 2005

Gonzo takes one for the team

I had a harsh return from my holidays last night, whilst it felt fantastic to back home also the reality of everyday life is there waiting to give me a smack in the face. Just as well though or maybe this next comic of mine will never get out onto the shelves. I came into school today to get stuck into all this work that’s been piling up.
After some time I ventured to log into my e-mail on the macs at school. Their home page is at msn.com. The first thing I saw was a picture of Malcolm X that grabbed my attention then right next to it was a hyperlink that read,
“Writer Hunter.s.Thompson comits suicide”
My Jaw dropped to the ground, how could the founder of Gonzo Journalism be dead…by his own hand it seems. I clicked to read more. Was it an overdose of drugs, I thought. But no He died from a self inflicted gunshot wound! Bad news on an otherwise extremly good day.

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Ian T. said...

I wonder how this is going to effect Duke in Doonesbury...