6 February 2005


Just to let you know I'll be on holidays for the next two weeks. Which means I'm away from the facilities that would help me put the next Scrambled together. So far I'm really happy with the overall look and feel of this next issue so I don't want to spoil that by rushing it in any way like J5 say it's all about Quality Control.
I’ve also just got the exhibition dates for ‘Are you going to buy that?’ a comics, zines, Graphic Novels exhibition held at the Bundoora town Hall galleries from 29th April to Saturday 4th June. There’ll also be a zine fair held on the 4th June which I hope to attend. See you there.
I’m hoping to put Kramers Ergot#5 on my wish list for my B-day (March25th) so here's to hoping.

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