12 April 2005

Are you going to buy that?

It's about time that I put up details of the upcoming exhibiton in the Boroondara town hall gallery. Should be a fun night. There will also be a zine fair, details bellow.

(From the website)
Are you going to buy that? - Comics, Zines, Graphic Novels and inspired artworks.

Everybody loves a story and some say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Come and see what happens when you get a bunch of artists who make zines, comics and graphic novels, into a gallery. You won't be able to put it down!

Opening night: Thursday 28 April, 6-8pm
Exhibition dates: Friday 29 April to Saturday 4 June

Public Programs:

Zine Fair - Saturday 4 June. Zines to be bought, swapped and admired. Meet the people behind the mags and enjoy music, comics and art!
To find out more about programs associated with this event, please contact Leisure and Culture on 9278 4770.


Ian T. said...

I might have to sneak in and have a look at this. Usually, I avoid Cons and similar like the plague, but this one sounds interesting and it's near where I work :).

Anthony Woodward said...

It's not a convention. the main thing is a exhibition of zine and comic art. also there will be a zine fair, which are always good to meet other comic artists :) hope to catch you there!