2 May 2005

Boorondara Exhibition

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Here a saucy little snapshot of me infront of some pieces at the exhibtion, 'Are you going to buy that'.

Check out the Age review. The piece 'Unfamiliar city' is my reductive lino print behind my head.


Anthony Woodward said...

Whilst expiremnting with a new blog template I accidently changed it. Hopefully I'll be able to jazz this one up but still keep the basic simple structure.
cheers A.W

Ian T. said...

Anthony, your contributions were very impressive! You have an unusual personal style and I dig how you're experimenting with printed colours (whether in comics or frameable work). This exhibition is a brilliant roundup of all kinds of artists and worth catching.

I experimented with my Blog format too, and lost that list of recent postings - but I've found I prefer to update selected posts instead.

Ian T. said...

Forgot to mention - the latest "Voiceworks" got a review in "The Age" last week - I think either Thursday or Saturday...