2 May 2005

Long post

Went to the exhibition opening last Thursday night which was fun apart from the cold I had which effectively limited me to mineral water. Such a relief to have the exhibition hung and done with, it’s really been eating up my time and more importantly my energy. Kind of feel like I have to start really cutting back projects and try not to spread myself too thin.
Also been dying to get back into corresponding with all my pen pals but I really need to get this latest comic out, which by the way is so close I can almost smell it.
Really been enjoying these illustration Friday challenges it’s so rewarding to be a part of a community of artists like that, everyone kind of inspires one another. I’m just so lucky that I have access to these macs at schools (+scanners and photoshop) otherwise it wouldn’t be an option. I’m hoping at the end of the year I can buy my own computer, better start saving.
Also bought David B’s book ‘Babel’ from minotaur on the Friday after I missed the train; no thanks so sprinting my guts out and allowing myself double the time needed to get to the station. And it was mind blowingly good. I’d read reviews of that ‘Epileptic’ one, so I thought I’d give this ‘Babel’ a try, and let me say it was $20 well spent. His art is breathtaking the kind of stuff that reminds you why you like comics so much what the potential with the medium can be. It was dual colour through out black and red (And smartly with a half shade of both as well) so the overall effect was beautiful. It even had a full colour dust jacket on matt stock which in it self would be worthy of framing and putting on the wall. With all these comic artits that I like you think I’d be buying a new one each week. Why can’t these comic artists get together and time their release (Heh, Heh)
It would be awesome to see his work interpreted though printmaking or somesuch.
Also borrowed an American splendour collection from Leigh as I’ve never read an extensive amount of non Crumb/Pekar work. Love his writing style it’s so straight forward. Breaks my heart to think he hasn’t had more recognition outside of the comic circles. This is one guy that deserves to be getting paid, and paid well for his art. Maybe now with the movie success he can get some of the crème de la crème of illustrators/comic artists to work for him? Something that would work great would be to get some D&Q artists to illustrate some stories for a special D&Q American splendour. You know like Crumb, Chris Ware, Joe Sacco, David Collier, Julie Doucet get some really visually different styles in there to represent Mr Pekar. I don’t think just because his writing style is realistic that the images also have to be, I mean look how well Crumbs done over the years, with the material.

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