8 June 2005

Bill Peet

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Here's the latest drawing I thought I'd upload. I was going to do it every wednesday as I'm always in the computer lab then by now it's on thursday. I guess i'll just try and put something up every now and again. Other than that I still have the illustration friday thing going.

BTW, this book was excellent and I'd recomend it for a read. It was interesting to get another take on that whole disney studios thing as I got a pretty good insight with the book 'Cartoon Charlie' about canadian animator and illustrator Charlie Thorson.

I've always thought why not do a adults book with a combination book of words and pictures. But I think comics still do it better. You somehow seem to get more detail in there even though there's less writing. A picture says a thousand words i guess...


Ian T. said...

Wow, that is a fantastic book! Bill Peet is a legend! I love what he writes about Walt Disney himself, but especially revealing is the (thinly disguised) bit about Frank Thomas, the guy who wrote that famous animation book with Ollie Johnson. As you say, the perfect mix of words and pictures! Bill Peet's forgotten Capyboppy, about his experiences with a pet capybara, is also pretty interesting.

Ian T. said...

Anthony, thanks for your message to my blog. I can't remember the exact title of that book (and can't search the catalogues I need to from here), but I'll try to find out for you next week. It had the word "animation" in the title and a sequence of Pinocchio skipping on the cover. Thomas and Johnson give a detailed account of the early Disney animators, such as the ill-fated Norm Ferguson (who designed Pluto and the Witch in "Snow White," but died destitute), and Bill Tytla, who designed the scary bits of "Night on Bald Mountain" for "Fantasia."

Ian T. said...

Anthony, details of that book:
Disney Animation: the Illusion of Life by Frank Thomas & Ollie Johnston
Abbeville Press, 1981 (reprinted 1984)
ISBN: 089659498X

Cover picture at: http://www.redskybooks.net/rsb455/images/items/012038.jpg

It's apparently become a bit rare and valuable (with an inferior reprint edition around as well), but your local library will probably have a copy.

Christop said...

That is indeed a great book. My primary school in Dandenong had heaps of his books, and I don't think I've ever seen them anywhere else, so I'll have to see if I can find it once you return it.