27 June 2005

IF: Heroes

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I was reading a reprint of the amazing spiderman #3 as i'm still having this hankering for old ditko spiderman art. When I came across the last panel in the comic, which I based this drawing on, I thought this'd be a great parody piece and it so happed to fit the theme perfect.

The only thing I've changed is I've put myself in instead of spiderman and changed 'spiderman to me or artist. Just thought it was a funny and interesting comparison what Spiderman/Stanlee was saying about his powers (Abilties, talents whatever). I think the 'misunderstood nerd' is something a lot of us can relate to.

Here's the original:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Anonymous said...

This could make a good business card for you Anthony :)

P.S I tried your B&W suggestion for cleaning images and it worked great!

Lumpen said...
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Lumpen said...

Love it, Tones. When are you coming up to Smellbourne? Also, check out the Girlfriend! entry on my blog

Ian T. said...

Anthony, that's a lovely tribute, and a good insight into the existentialist dilemmas of artists. "Why am I doing this?" is a very relevant question! My answer would be, "Because I can't help it."

I picked up Scrambled #5 in Minotaur yesterday and it's an instant classic, a terrific comic that really does tell the reader something about the creator!