21 July 2005

Karma 2

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"That as difficult as it is for a turtle to insert its neck

Into a yolk adrift upon the vast ocean,

It is more difficult to attain the human state."

I think the story goes that the turtle only pops his heads up out of the water every 100 years, so what's the chance the it'll be through a yolk which is floating in the vast ocean, pretty slim, well not as slim as a human birth. For you scientifically minded out there compare it to how many sperm you were competing with when you were conceived and also that came before you and didn't make it. Millions upon millions right...then how'd you make it?

How's that for Karma!


Karen Winters said...

that's a very good interpretation of the theme - nice drawing, too

Mercedes said...

Very nice, i like it! Powerfull image

Ian T. said...

An illustration of a form of karmic consequence (or frustration at least)? If there are millions of other turtles won't one of them pop up at the right time?

Anthony Woodward said...

Being a metaphor i'm sure we could fit in a few million more turtles (Sperm) and were here aren't we :)

mka said...

i agree- milions of sperm considered, it's all the more amazing that we turned out us and not some other people. i like your spin on this topic.

Alisa said...

cool drawing. I like your linework.