9 July 2005


Thanks Ive for the ‘props’. Been making my way through the archives on his site, great stuff!

He’s also involved in this crazy web comic competition, check it out.


I’d love to attempt this kind of thing but I’m over committed as it is and not having my own computer would be a major disadvantage. Anyway it’d be cool to do just for myself even. Maybe one day…

That’d be a cool blog entry, ‘All the cool creative things I could do if I was Jamie maddox’


Anthony Woodward said...

I'll give away a free print to the first person who tells me who jamie maddox is...

Non Stop Ive ! said...

Multiple Man ?
I remember his powers and the "POP!" noise they'd make but I'm not sure of his other name.
Or am I thinking of someone else ?

Anthony Woodward said...

You're right on the money...My friend leigh used to collect x-factor back in the day (92-93) and multiple mans powers are something i've always longed for. So you get the print :)