25 July 2005

New Stuff

I've got some prints displayed here for you to look at

And some toher links,

And More links for y'all, all care of Drawn!:

Heads of State

Jeff Roysdon

Rik Catlow


Miitchell said...

I got your comics today. A million applogies on behalf of the slackery of my student association (who still havent published the interview I did). Hopefully I will have a parcel of exciting stuff to send you soon. Keep up the great work.

Anthony Woodward said...

Wow! that took awhile i think I posted that last week. Must be slow from one non-city place to another...

Anonymous said...

I received my 'Arrow' print in the mail today. I performed ritual of washing hands, making tea, cleaning glass surface,and opening your package containing a very, very fine print :)

Very impressed with your artwork and can vouch for archival quality of art piece. It will proudly hang amongst my etchings. Thank you :)