21 July 2005

Old comic

Here's a comic that never made the cut back when i was putting togther Scrambled #2. One night we were having dinner late and flipped on the TV. I loved this movie when it came out (I was 12-13) and knew every scene pretty well but here was stuff I'd never seen before. Pretty soon the power went out. It was kinda fun and exciting fumbling around trying to find the torch.
I know that we have a lot of benifits from energy consumption but sometimes I love to think how things would be if we had to conserve electricity for only essential services and how it would change the way we live and do things. Living by natures clock than instead of the one on the wall...


thanks to iveagogo.blogspot.com for making me realise i could post comics like this which i'd like to do more of. I'm slow OK!


Christop said...

That always happens when I lose my phone (because I don't have a watch and can't tell the time easily on analogue clocks). It's relieving.
You know for centuries the smallest unit of time was an hour? I reckon there's be so much less stress in the world if we eliminated minutes and seconds again.

Non Stop Ive ! said...

Last week I waited until the very last moment of the day to update my page and yeah I had a powerout as my computer was booting up. All I could really do was go to sleep or just sit around in the dark.