31 August 2005

buenaventurapress & riso+gocco

Speaking of the buenaventurapress I was just checking out their shop and the books they have on offer. They must of updated recently as there's a whole heap of stuff there that I didn't know about. Must get me some...

Also i finally tracked down a name to a printing process. Well it has a few names but check out the site for moreinfo. I want one of these machines!!
I think the basic one starts at around $280.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony, I had a look at Gocco printing a couple of years back after swapping a collagraph for a Gocco print. The process was good in regards to time saving when doing multiples. You can get some nice effects.

What made me decide against buying a 'Gocco' was the expense of buying one and followup costs. I figured there was no point in getting anything smaller than A3 size. Anything else would suit greeting cards. I guess I also figured a piece of silk, some wood and a squeegy gave just as good results with cleanup being just a bit messier.

I would be interested to see something you print with a Gocco if you go ahead and buy one. Don't let me put you off - there are many who love Gocco printing.