8 August 2005

Even more crafty

This is another site too. Nothing in particular I just like the craftiness of her things.
And speaking of dolls, I couldn't help myself. I took my daughter to spotlight (Material & craft store) after coming up with our own designs based on the ugly dolls (in previous link) we picked up a bunch of felt and started cutting and sewing. I've done a fair bit of hand sewing before so that's how I was going to do these. But then I thought why make it hard. So I guess I'll machine sew them. Hopefully I can post some pictures when we're done. 

Also been working on some new comics which I'm pleased with, my new technique with a brush is coming along. The drawing seems a lot more natural. Plus I'm working on panels individually instead of whole pages. I'll probably composite them later on Photoshop as needed. My next Scrambled comic is going back to A6 format also. I'm hoping to have something to print in 3-4 months. I’d love to do it sooner but I’m really trying not to plan anything during this last semester of art school. I’m trying to avoid the overload I had at the end of last year…


Crystal said...

Hi AW - your stuff is great. good luck with the show.
this website will interest you and it links to some Hieronymous Bosch figurines which are killers -

Anthony Woodward said...

thanks Crystal :)

Ian T. said...

Felt is fantastic stuff to work with - it can't fray at the edges, so you can cut shapes and sew it tight and it doesn't matter. I used to make animals with it when I was a kid (including a small Loch Ness monster) and I've made some with my own children along the way as well.

Today I needed a felting needle for J to put hair on a puppet for school and the only place I could find that stocked them was a teddy bear shop (most places had no idea what I meant).

The other thing I like making characters and toys with is Fimo modelling clay - fantastic stuff, but expensive!