22 August 2005

is not magazine

I tried to google for this address (isnot) to no avail, but then came across it by accident. I'll have to go back later to the site. I saw the most recent one and the tim danko one and they were kicking. Love the concept. Hopefuly people follow and make their own versions.


Anthony Woodward said...

The mag is actually $30aud and can be bought at 'polyester' and 'sticky' in Melbounre

Stuart Geddes said...

Hey Anthony.

Really like your work. The prints in particular are great. And that cover of Scrambled 4. So good.

The Magazine is actually $20, and can also be bought from Metropolis.

What did you mean by: Hopefuly people follow and make their own versions? Just curious.


Non Stop Ive ! said...

Thanks for putting this up.
It's one of those things I always mean to look up and never remember to.

Anthony Woodward said...

Hey Stuart, I guess I meant it’s such a great concept (putting writing/art onto a poster on the street instead of a book/mag/zine) that it’s be a shame if no one else picked it up. Obviously they’d have to do their own version but it’d be like if no one did zines cause someone else already thought of it. So not really exact copies of ‘Isnot’ but maybe I’m meaning more poster art in general.
That being said it’d be pretty hard to top the great job that’s done on ‘Isnot’. And what’s this only $20! I can afford that. A friend told me $30, maybe that’s with postage.

Stuart Geddes said...

hey anthony

I know what you mean. And agree. It would be great if we had a healthier poster culture here. It's such a great and versatile medium that no one seems to be doing much with. It's almost entirely owned by corporate and governmental gigs, when it seems like such a natural partner to indepentent comics, zines, stickers, stencils, graffiti and suchlike. Some of the Chris Ware poster (and diagram) stuff I've seen is just outrageously beautiful. Can you imagine coming across that in the street?

Oh yeah, $30 is with postage.


Anthony Woodward said...

Have you seen this chris ware stuff on theBuenaventura site?
Now I'm getting ideas...;)

Stuart Geddes said...


I'm a very lucky boy. I was bought that print for my birthday. Close friends realised the extent of my obsession.

Stuart Geddes said...

Have you seen the Dan Clowes 10 colour letterpress print on there? There is a copy of it in Outre Gallery on Elizabeth st. For those with a lazy 800 bucks.

Love the tram strip by the way. Tram etiquette and interactions can be so perverse.