5 August 2005

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Like I said lasty post I've really been craving some new material. especially from people like Joe Matt! Doing a google search this is all I could dig up was the photo taken by a fan at a convention. They say that he's living in L.A helping out with the production of a cartoon based on his work by HBO...

Amyway this drought is having a postive effect on my work as it's giving me an urge tio create my own neew comics. Over the last few days I've been working on a new layout and format for my comics and I think I've got some good leads...Anyway I've just recently read that artists should have some sort of containment of ideas until they're ready to be unleashed which I think is true to some extent. So you'll just have to wait and see. With the way things are going at school (Busy) I won't be putting out any comics other than 7 pages for a few months...(Which is not to say i won't be making them)

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Anthony Woodward said...

Forgot to leave the link to the site I ripped this phot from: