14 August 2005


Went to melbs on the weekend which was propbably the best trip I've had in years. Got to wander around the city on Sunday. I know city people laugh at country people such as myself but it realy can be such an intoxicating feeling taking it all in.
Went to Minotaur, and idin't really see anything new as expected. Although i did pick up the new palookaville by seth which I've been meaning to get for awhile, and my own copy of Mandy ords 'Dirty little creep' (We had bought one but as a gift for someone)


Ian T. said...

I reckon you go to Melbourne more often than I do, and I supposedly live in one of the suburbs :).

Anthony Woodward said...

I was thinking that as i wrote, that there is probably people who live in the suburbs who experience the city (casually) less often than I do. After all Ballarat is just like a suburb of melbourne...
I think it was the lack of a car (We caught the train) plus I was with Heather, that made it great. (Also my friends birthday party the night before ;))