21 September 2005

I-pod Comics

After thinking about podcasting and the whole i-pod thingy, I got to thinking about i-pod comics. Surely this is something that could start a whole new wave of digital comics and animations...
Anyway I cam across this site that is basically set up to facilitate this kind of thing
Click Wheel
I don't own an ipod so I don't really have a full understanding of the different features that some of the ipods actually have. From what I can tell the comics are only like silent slideshow but you can sync music with them. What would be ideal is if you could have a voice over and sound effects to go with it, or even better simple animations with voiceovers and sound effects.
Does anyone out there know any more information on this subject or have an interest?


Anonymous said...

I use http://www.talkr.com/app/browse_feeds.app?action=browse&letter=A

Non Stop Ive ! said...

Count me in as interested.
I'm also without an i-pod so I see testing things out to be the problem.