9 September 2005


I went down to Melbourne yesterday with my friend pete to hang some work in one of the platform groups window spaces near Degraves in the city. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a productive and inspirational trip to Melbourne ever before, I was like a thirsty sponge soaking it all up! Some highlights were seeing handmade CD cases in a little record store Pete took me too, Artists books and zines in ‘sticky’, and some serigraph and letterpress prints in ‘Outre’ . So on the Train back to Ballarat my head was buzzing with ideas and after writing them down I had an idea for a major project. But I have to keep that under wraps for now as it’ll probably take around 6-8 months to complete…
But I’m glad to say that I saw some new comics in Minotaur that pleased me. I held back from buying them as I’ll be back in Melbourne in two weeks to take down the prints out of the window. But the comics were Kevin H’s 3rd instalment of ‘or else’ (Now I’m kicking myself I didn’t get #1 and missed out on #2) and also Chester Browns ‘Ed the Happy Clown’ which is now up to #3. I wasn’t that keen upon seeing the first issue but now they have three out, and they look really good. Usually with comics I’m impressed if there’s some follow up in a decent amount of time. I don’t mean they have to come out with indefinite regularity of say Spiderman but it’s good to buy something and see it followed up (Even if that is a year, or even two later) So I think regularity is very important (Are you reading this Joe Matt, I know, I know, you’re working on your ‘cartoon’ but where the hell is that even, give us comics Joe, comics you hear me!!)

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