29 November 2005


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'Small' for illustrationfriday.com


Anthony Woodward said...

As soon as I read this week’s theme was 'Small' I immediately thought of the title of Jeffery Browns comic 'I'm going to be small'.
This drawing was done as little as possible and overlayed onto some cardboard using photoshop.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe you are or want to be small! Hheheeee, I like the 'small' (what is considered as inferior by great galleries)cardboard background :)

Anthony Woodward said...

Did I say i didn't want money, no I was woring please send me your money!!! I guess it's just this thing that everyone wants to be a millionaire. So maybe this was an overstatement by me...At the same time though I don't want to be tiny, end up in the gutter penniless and alone.

ValGalArt said...

very funny!

eni said...

I love it, sorry to everyone else but this is my favourite this week.
by the way, cool icon or avatar or whatever they are called
(I am borrowing my dogs blogger identity, it's actually scott)
I have done a bit of printmaking in my time, the the illo of
mine is not a print, it's actually a crisp completely black and white pen drawing passed through a bit of photoshopping.
anyway thanks for the comment over there, and congrats on your winner of the small mantle confered by my walker.
love eni

eni said...

that should probably read
'although I have done a bit of printmaking in my time, - etc'

hartini said...

I love this!! :D Funny and love the background. Thought u drew this on a cardboard box, but the effect you created on ps is awesome!! :D

Holly said...

This is quite fun. Love the cardboard background. You might have a few fans though! Cheers!

Fancy World said...

it's a pleasure to visit your blog. It's fun and your drawings are great.

Anthony Woodward said...

why thanks fancy world, it's my pleasure that you enjoy visiting. Hope to see you back :)