8 December 2005


Feeling really inspired today. Thinking about making books, paper colours and thicknesses and such. As I said earlier for Honours next year I will exclusively be working with publications books and posters, got all these ideas swimming around. I think one of the main differences with the stuff I’ve done and some of the things I’ll be doing next year is that I won’t be as concerned with mass production or making my money back (I’m going to be giving a lot away) So I can put more time into finer details and they’ll have more handmade personal quality to them.
I’m also involved in a print swap at the moment with people from all over the globe called SSNW (Southern summer northern winter print exchange) which is really exciting me. I’m in the process of making a print with an edition of around 50 that I will be sending out to people. I will then be getting 40 prints back in the mail from printmakers around the world! God I love mail art…
In other news I noticed Chris Ware has a new book out (Hello santa)


Joan said...

Wow! Have you read it already? I can't wait to have it. I love Ware's both design work and comics.

Anthony Woodward said...

No I haven't yet. But I have been hearing a lot about this rusty brown story and I think that's what was in mcsweeny's #13, wasn't it?