4 December 2005

Photocopies as Art continued

Thanks heaps Anon (See previous posts coments), I really appreciate your input as you’re someone who has a lot of printmaking experience, but is also keen to look at different methods, like your blog.
I should say that I still love other print making techniques and I can definitely see their appeal and intrigue. For me, like I may have mentioned before, I went through all this agonising over which acceptable printmaking method I was going to use for my drawings. Everything I thought of would of used photocopying, especially stuff like solar plate and screen printing. But I didn’t think I could just use photocopies, I got over it when I realised it was only minor technical concerns that could be overcome.
(I was reading a photocopied comic I bought the other day and I had to smile as I noticed the black areas had a slight texture that you could feel as you run your fingers over it, so a photocopy also has texture in some instances).
So far the prints I have made have been hand coloured in some way, and I see this as a way of getting the ‘hands on’ experience that you usually get with other print making methods, and goes to further personalise the print.
I’m hopefully going to dabble in some screen printing next year and this will allow for a larger scale an some colour, but I’ll be thankful that I’ve had lots of photocopy experience when I’m setting up my screens and composing my images…So I’ll have to see if I appreciate it more, for all the trouble.
It’s interesting what you mention about Europe as I have found in Canada there is more of an appreciation of prints, and many people have original prints in their houses. But in Australia you’re more likely to find non editioned mass produced reproductions (Which also have their place) but I feel it’s nice to have something that is special and some of the artists sweat has gone into making it in some form.

I guess it’s also similar to when photography came out, painters felts so threatened by it, that they dismissed it for countless reasons. I think the best thing to do is not be threatened by the new, but take it on board. Just because we have the internet doesn’t mean we should throw away everything that has come before. And even though photocopying is available there is still room and a need for other methods. It’s 2005 and people are still painting, it’s fantastic!
As you said is a long running argument and the subject keeps changing
-“Photography’s not Art!”
-“Printmaking’s not Art!”
-“Screen printing is not Art!”
-“Solar plate is not Art!”
-“Photocopies are not art!”

And to this day you can still encounter these opinions, but maybe that’s just more slice of the pie for us to enjoy! People usually say as soon as it’s in a gallery it’s art, but maybe it should just be as long as people make it and others experience it, that it is Art.


Fancy World said...

I really like this guy - totally cool and great artwork. And thank you for your nice words on my site - and yes all the sketchings are done with my mouse.

scott said...

well I way in completely on your side, it's the intention and the reception that make art, not the medium.
some mediums just encounter less resistence.
doesn't make them more valuable, but less, in my humble opinion
my two cent's worth
I'd write more but I am on the magtrainer and it's hard to type without leaving the keyboard all messy.
love scott

Anonymous said...

Is this image an example of running through the copier half a dozen times to get a layering effect ... or Photoshop? Either way it is very effective! Thanks for responding to my long winded comment. I treat my blog as a way of educating Blogland Residents about printmaking plus other methods and forms in a not so obvious way :)

Part of being an artist is having your work frowned upon for whatever reason. What really gets me upset (I read this in IF comments all the time) is a person thinking if the image is ‘pretty’ it is art, if not it isn’t! Thought that idea was gone at least a hundred years ago!

Think it is important you stick to what you believe in for your Honours this year. You might even like to include your blog address as part of your presentation :)

Anthony Woodward said...

Yes it was done with photoshop, but, it could be done easliy on a copier. I'm going to try and do some prints directly from file so I could get this exact look from photoshop effects. Thought I'd better acompany this long texty post with an image :)
Yes I was discussing this idea with an applicant to my school. What I have come to learn, maybe through art school, is that what ever art you do there'll always be some portion of the audience that will discriminate against it for some reason. I think this really sunk in after Sue Dodd (a preformance video artist) said she encountered trouble with the type of work she does, whereas I thought it would of been something really accepted in the contempory art world. There is no one art world, and like everything else it varies who you speak on what opions you get. So you just have to push on with what interestes you.
Hence that is why in my honours year I will be focusing on publications. Which might be an exploration between zines and artist books and other types of art publications. I will include my blog address but it might take a bit of education for them to understand what it actually is.