20 January 2006

7 Pages Digest

School is now finished and maybe now life can get back to some normal pace for awhile. So in that case I will definitely be putting together and distributing this 7 pages digest very soon. I am also restructuring the price and lowering it to only $1.00. This will basically cover my postage costs to send them to distros and such. I will also be sending out a lot for free to people who I think are nice. This issue will have minimal copies printed and the next issue will follow very shortly. Go to the comix catologue link for ordering information.

I will also be offering that if you write me and include a .50c stamp (in australia only) I will send you a copy or two of 7 Pages Digest. Which will be valid for issues 1-4.
Other wise (if you’re shy) you can purchase them from ‘fatcheeks distro’ (See sidebar) or 'Sticky' located in Melbounre.
A.W Comix, POBOX 174W, Ballarat, VIC, 3350.

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modroom said...

Thanks for the comment and email. Hav'nt tried the link thing yet, but it looks similar to what someone at work scribbled down on a bit of paper a week or two ago. Think it makes sense. The Big/ Little feeling sounds mad but it should'nt be necessary to lock you up, or me! Ta for assistance, catch you soon.
...:::: )