3 January 2006

Comix resources

I came across thisDiy guide address sitting in an old email, so I went and checked it out again; actually I’m not sure if I had ever looked at it not. But anyway it’s really good and even though I’ve been making comics for a while now, and have picked up some of the tricks she’s talking about, there’s a few I knew but either didn’t understand or think important. So I highly recommend reading it. I also loved how she went through the comic process from pencils to finished art. I might have to do a post one day showing my progress through a few panels. I also get a kick out of the detailed description of the art of making good photocopies, as a good copy is hard to make!
Also came across this link whilst reading it which also has this handy reproduction guide. Written by Ron Rege Jr, Dave Choe, Brian Ralph, and Jordan Crane! there’s some very helpful tips from Jordan Crane on scanning, DPI, and prepress issues.

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