9 January 2006

The progression of a comic...

As promised here is a comic I just finished. I’ve selected for panels from the centre of the page (they’re out of order) and scanned the page as I progressed.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
-The first panel is the rough pencil stage, I’ve ruled up the boxes and written in the text (From a scribbled script, kinda like Pekar’s) so now it’s time for some loose scribbles to plot out composition etc.

-The second lot is the cleaned up pencils, I usually go over pencil with a kneadable eraser and refine the lines. I’ve been at odds with myself on how much I should do this as Charles Schulz was a big believer in not drawing in pencil first (anymore than rough outlines/shapes), but then again he only had to draw snoopy and maybe the occasional piano! So I think I’ll try and get everything resolved in this pencil stage, ie, the main line work.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
-The third set is when I have started the inking stage. You can see that I’ve only just done the outlines with a nib (dip pen). Usually I don’t separate the line work black areas and hatching but I took ‘Artbabes’ (See previous post) advice and did each one at a separate stage.

-The forth set is when I have added black areas with a brush and hatching/shading with a stiffer nib.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
-And finally the fifth is the finished comic that has been converted to a bitmap for crispness of line and I’ve also added some digital ‘zipatone’.

It’d be great if I could do a simple animation of each step fading into the next…
Anyway hoped you enjoyed this insight into comic making, it’s a lot more involved than it looks, but worth the effort!

Ps- Also check outcomics lifstyle blog, they've renovated the site and Tim Danko has been guest editing!

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