31 January 2006

Comics on Vibewire

As I may have mentioned earlier Vibewire.net is soon to be launching a comics section on their website. Vibewire is like anonline ‘voiceworks’ with all the good stuff that goes with it, links comments and the abilty to have your own blog with vibewire as well. The site might take a little figuring out how to navigate (no more than yahoo or blogspot etc) but it’s fairly simple.
So to submit comics you have to become a member.

I have been asked to take on the role of comics editor for vibe wire, I’m not really sure what the editorial position will consist of, it’s all yet to be figured out. But for now you can submit comics on the test site which will hopefully be launched very soon.
Once the comics section is up and running on the actual site I’d also like it to include reviews and any other pieces of writing on or about comics. From time to time editors from other sections of the site may contact me for illustrations to go with articles. This can work out really well if the theme matches your work. For example an editor recently asked for a picture to go with an article on swearing so I immediately thought of Mandy Ord’s new comic ‘Birthday bitch’.

Mandy sent me a few panels she’d scanned in and they were put with the article. It looked fantastic for the article and Mandy got credit for herself and her new book.

So it may not be something for everyone to get involved in but I’m inviting you to try it out if you like.
You can add your somics or images here to the test site:

make sure you tick the ‘published’ box in publishing options before clicking the submit button

Cheers Anthony


Lumpen said...

Totally unrelated, but I have two bits of news:
1. I bought a graphics tablet and new monitor (17" apple studio display) off ebay for cheap. Wahoo!
2. I had a dream about you last night. We were traving in a van that had no front. My legs dangled off the passenger seat perilously close to the ground. My glasses fell over and went under the wheels. Then a fighter plane crashed behind Victorian Parliament (which looked the the Reichstaag). We couldn't see the crash because George Bush was on the steps and Secret Service agents were preventing us from getting near. We got back into the van and drove to Flinders St, which was an industrial warehouse area. Near the 711 on the corner of Swanston and Flinders, I woke up.

No shit.

Ian T. said...

Anthony, do you have to be young, groovy and happening for this, or are old bastards like me allowed to submit work as well?

Anthony Woodward said...

I just found out that it's actually only for 16-30 year olds...mucho sorry if this excludes you :(

Ian T. said...

This way excludes me, but that's okay :)

Monkey Jedi said...

I'm really looking foward to what the new site can achieve, especially since it will finally involve some funky images from you and your comix connections.