13 April 2006


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You may have noticed that i haven't been participating in illustration friday. Basically I would still like to but it has dropped down on my priorities list. For some time there it was serving as a good exercise to test out new ideas and theories I was having. In short I'm just taking an indefinite holiday from it for now to focus on other things.
One of the biggest things that has been filling in my extra time is trying to learn Illustrator down pat...by which I mean try to learn it in and out to the point where it's second nature. I knew how to use it before but not nearly well enough to use it realistically for actually illustration jobs. So I'm hoping to learn it to the point where it's actually faster than pencilling, cleaning pencils, inking, cleaning inks, erasing, scanning, cleaning scan, resizing, colouring etc.

I also dropped my computer off to get the optical drive fixed (it busted after 6 months...) I actually had sign something that said the computer store wasn't responsible for my computer getting stolen while it was in their possession...how ridiculous is that! What do they expect me to do stay with the computer the whole time it gets fixed! Sheesh!!

Any way happy Easter everyone what ever that means to you ;)

ps- picked up Ivan Brunnetti Schizo #4 yesterday. It was $19 and worth every cent. Excellent production values and colouring. Highly recommended! Also noticed Chris Oliveros had a comic out in Minotaur too.

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