9 April 2006


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'I can Fly'

By Ruth Krauss

Illustrated by Mary Blair (in 1951)

Found this book today at K-mart, a golden book reprint. Seeing how I've been so interested in vector graphics lately things like this have been catching my eye. I can really see how this 50's type of illustration is making a big comeback. My friend Leigh tried to convince me last year that I should learn vector graphics better, I disagreed and said I could get the same effects using pen, ink and Photoshop. Now I have become interested in vector stuff, he appreciates hand drawn stuff better (correct me if I'm wrong Leigh)

You may like hand drawn stuff better and maybe it is in terms of Art. But in terms of commercial illustration, I've got a newsflash for yall, it's 99% vector these days.


Greg G said...

Have you seen her Disney stuff?

Greg G said...

Ah yes, you have. I read blogs in chronological order, sorry!

Ian T. said...

Wow, we are looking at some similar stuff and thinking similar things! I've been researching a particular local picture book illustrator and was struck by how amazingly vector-like her art was - it's more linear than Mary Blair's, but still looks like it could have been Illustrator. I haven't mentioned her name because I'm trying to write a serious article about her, possibly for publication.