5 April 2006

Zine fair

Must fold and staple zines…

Must make lots of badges…

Must round up some cool stuff…

Yep that’s right it’s the last minute rush of a zine fair. I’m hoping to make it to the zine fair at the Melbourne town hall this Saturday in Melbourne. Hope to see you there!


Christop said...

What time is it? Might try and arrange work around it.

Anthony Woodward said...

here's the info sorry for the lateness :)

Melbourne Independent Press & Zine Fair

Calling all independent publishers, zinemakers & wordsmiths! As part of
the 3rd Emerging Writers Festival, a free Independent Press and Zine
is being held at Melbourne Town Hall on Saturday April 8th from
12noon–5pm. This is a great opportunity to sell and trade your work in
public forum and to network with other like-minded people. It happens
the gorgeous rooms of the Melbourne Town Hall with a DJ creating our
own Press Fair soundtrack.