10 May 2006

Digital Camera??

I’m still having trouble trying to decide on buying a digital camera. I’m trying to get one in the 5 megapixel range between $200-300. It is possible but deciding which brand to go with is giving me nightmares. I’ve had bad luck with equipment being faulty so I want to make sure I buy a reputable brand. Samsung seems like a good brand from what I can tell but has a bit of the new kid on the block stigma. Others are recommending Nikon or Cannon as they have a 'name'. Also looking at some Pentax which sounds like a good brand but I’m not entirely convinced. I would love any advice on a good/ reputable brand in terms of good picture quality


Monkey Jedi said...

Try and get one that uses SD ram rather than XD - cheaper. XD was an Oympus invention so they have a monopoly on the market.
Kodak are super reliable but I'm not sure about picture quality.
My brother has a Canon and it's great.

Anthony Woodward said...

I think I'll go for the samsung S500, it has some great features and a decent price, after all I'm only buying a point and shoot.

Lumpen said...

I borrowed Nic's Konica Minolta and it's nice. My teacher said it has alot to do with image compression and which algorithms they use, but for someone like me who can't take photos for shit, 5 megapixels works well.

Dreck said...

Well, you'll hear a million different confilcting answers from a million different people.
But here's my two cents worth anyway:
I like Pentax a lot. I have a circa thirty year old Pentax camera and it still takes great photos and is very user friendly.
So I'm biased towards Pentax.
The other thing is, Samsung are not that good a brand. So their camera may pack more features at a lesser price but that's because they need to to attract a market.
As an analogy, think of a Bang and Olufesn stereo. A B=O stereo may not have as many features as a similarly priced Sony (assuming Sony make stereos that expensive) but the B+O will be better quality and last longer.
And consider this too. Pentax have been making cameras (albeit film ones) for a very long time now. Samsung are a generic electrical goods company.
I'd never commission Samsung over Pentax to make a camera .
By the same token, I'd never commission Pentax over Samsung to make a microwave oven.
Whaddya reckon?

Anthony Woodward said...

I hear what you're saying Dreck and i though the same but the samsung took better photos in the shop and seemed much more user friendly. You would assume pentax would be better having such a long history and name in cameras but put side by side the samsung was better and also rated better overall on choice.com website...They were all sold out any way so i'm waiting for a good deal to come up. Sony's are meant to be good same with nikon but how do you really know..?