30 May 2006


Hi all. I really should be posting some more comics and pictures, hopefully I will be very soon. On a related tangent I finally bought a digital camera yesterday in Melbs. I did go for the samsung as it had a good price and great features, here’s hoping the photos turn out half decent…I’ve always wanted to blog random photos, so soon my dream will be coming true.

Also just read about this on Ive’s blog sounds like something I’ll try and attend

I also had a art and comic spending spree in Melbourne. I bought three comics, drafting film, hunt nibs, block printing ink, a good turps based satin varnish, zetta florrence photocopy paper…and I also discovered that the art store Neil Wallace (off Brunswick from the ‘black cat cafĂ©’) sells lazertrans (check out their site for how awesome this stuff is http://www.lazertran.com/)


Non Stop Ive ! said...

You might be interested in this if it didn't start tomorrow http://www.lascaux21.com/30days/

Anthony Woodward said...

Thanks for the tip Ive looks great I might give it a go. First i have to think of something challenging but do-able and worthwhile...hmm maybe some transfer pieces or collages (one a day?)