18 June 2006

Day 19

As I mentioned I set up some wrok at school for an honours exhibtion that will be on for two weeks. I didn't want ot just plonk something on the wall so I came up with this idea for an instalation. Also it comunicatd some of the ideas of my research better.

I will post an actual photo of the work when I can on this post for this days challenge.


Ian T. said...

What are the bottles going to be? You may need to keep replacing them :).

Anthony Woodward said...

We had a bunch of empty beer bottles up in the studio I wanted to use but they got thrown out so i had to go to a recycling place to get some more. I wanted the carlton draft thin brown bottles. I cleaned all the labels and glue offf them and sat them on top of the work cause it felt right (althought I could list a few conceptual ideas behind it aswell)
Can't wait to post photos and or get some responses about the work, or does that just happen in blogger world?