30 July 2006


I ended up goinig to Doujicon from 2-4 pm. I thought therede be more familiar faces there, although I did have Ive and Jac to hang out with ;)
Also saw the movie 'Junebug' which I really liked


Ian T. said...

Anthony, sorry I missed you! I only realized you were there when I spotted your photo at the Comics Australia Doujicon photo gallery. I'm now adding your books to the list of stuff I missed and will now have to follow up on...

Anthony Woodward said...

Yeah I thought you'd be there, and i was hoping to meet you. I went to the desk where you are sitting in the photo and mentioned your blog, they didn't say, 'well he's here actually...'
I only went for two hours. I realsed after that I was so distracted I didn't buy any other comics...duh!

Thanks for the link to the photos!!