10 July 2006

Good deeds

Lately I've been trying to figure out a way to understand (as to communicate) the the value of art. Maybe that sounds silly but too many people there is either no value in art, or only a monetary value. The fact that you can buy and or sell art isn't inherently good or bad either, but I think it's important to also understand the broader picture of what's potentially going on.
I think the best way to describe the value of art is to equate it to doing a good* deed (the question of what is 'good' is just as tricky as what is 'Art' so I won't go there now)
You should make Art like you are doing a good deed, without thought of reward. If you make it with the thought of reward (fame/fortune) it limits what the art can do. At the same time, people may want to reward your efforts which is great but not entirely necessary

*I guess this could also be a bad deed...>:-)

link to Sarah Fianelli

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