9 July 2006

Lomos and Blogs

Image care of Clickykbrd

Came across this article in the good weekend about camera tossing which refrenced this blog
A concept I'd already heard about through a 3rd year student who recently purchased a 'Lomo' camera. It has 4 lenses on it and a pull string to take photo, so she had taken a couple by pulling the string and throwing it in the air. (Although obviously you don't need a four lense camera)
I'll have to consider trying it, but the thought of dropping the my new digi scares me!!
I was also talking to some of my students about some of the concepts behing postmodern photography and a 'bad' photograph isn't necesarily 'bad' if it has a strong concept behind it.

Other news, Heather discovered the joys of reading other peoples blogs (OPB's) last night after discovering an an author of a book she's read, who has now started up a blog.

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Ian T. said...

Anthony, I saw this article too! It's a fascinating activity, but I think I'm such a klutz that it's not for me (and I take lousy photos in any case) :).