12 July 2006

Muh Powhurs

The exhibtion is now up for the particpants of the 30 day challenge in which i particpated.
Check out these cool 3-D views1&2 of the gallery and if you squint you eyes you may be able to recognise a few of my pieces...
Or check out here for opening night photos

Saw the new Supeman flick last night which I enjoyed. I guess thats cause I don't expect something thats going to chnage my world view or challenge me, I'm going to see an entertaining popcorn flick about a guy in tights who can fly. I've heard mixed reviews but I thought it was worth the ticket price...
Speaking of super powers I'm still gigling about the video I watched on Dole diary about super-becca. You can see more of it on her site and even buy used tights at , check out the art section for some awesome henry dargeresque outsider art.

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Anthony Woodward said...

Forgot to mention the image is care of aformentioned super-becca.com