5 July 2006

Soiled sample

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I just got my copy of 'My soiled sample' from Tim Danko. It's a comics anthology out of Newzealand (but not limited to that country) It's put together in a realy nice handmade hardbound cover, with lovely stamp artwork by Danko himself. The work I have in the book fits in the theme as they are sketchbook comics which I equated to a solied sample.


zombo vertov said...

hi ho!
lucky anthony got a special 'insideout' cover, where we took the guts out of a hardcover book and turned it inside out so the inner part of the cover became the cover (uncle stefan neville's moment of genius!!)... there all gone now

if you want to purchase 'soiled sample' direct eeee us at soiled@deadxeroxpress.com.... limited numbers available at sticky books melbourne or cherry bomb comics auckland.... we have paypal if you are ordering from o.s....

see a preview of the book here

...i am a shill for comiks...

Anthony Woodward said...

I loved the inside out look It took me a little while to figure out that what was going on.
Thanks for letting us know about where to get a copy zombo!
ps- I love the names on the cover. At first I thought it must of been the local artists who had signed it but I figure now that it's a book people borrowed out and wrote their names in it?

zombo vertov said...

yes, an ex-school (old school!!) library book... stefan creamed when he saw names and such inside and decided to turn them inside out