21 July 2006


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'Wave#1' collage and transfer on paper (A bit larger than actual size)

1- Missed illustration Friday this week due to lack of energy and grumpiness. And came up blank with �Sacrifice� as a topic. Can see possibilities with �Opposites�
2- Feeling slightly better now, less tired and irritable
3- Made a mock up of new comic today, looking good so far. I�m trying to get the print quality spot on for this ones so here�s hoping
4- Was going to have to miss doujicon, but now may be able to still go�
5- New �Smog� Ep came in today (nice)
6- Art school project going to plan. Feeling like I�m actually getting some where with my honours work
7- Start teaching again on Monday, arghh!!! No actually really looking forward to it, should be a good group

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Anthony Woodward said...

Will have to post a photo of mock comic....