31 August 2006


Been meaning to mention this forepaw thing I got an email abot a month ago about drawing meetings happening a place in high street. I haven't been able to go yet but hopefully sometime soon to meet up with some comic folk.
Heres some details and a link for other comic minded follk ;)

Do you like to Draw? Do you like People? Do you like to Draw with
People, People who like to Draw?
Happening on the last tuesday evening of every month, TRAILS is a new
regular night of social drawing at Forepaw. You're invited to come and
sit, draw, collaborate, improvise, experiment, and shoot the shit with
fellow drawerers, comicbook artistes, small-press nerds, ink studs,
scratchers, scribblers and doodlers.

We've got some paper, pens n pencils, but you'll probably prefer to
bring the tools you're comfortable with.

At the end of the night, we'll scan everyone's drawings, and publish a
zine of that month's work. There'll be free copies for everyone at the
next Trails. We'll put 'em up on the website, too.

We don't sell booze or food, but yer welcome to BYO, and High Street
has plenty of options for both the liquids and the solids.

THIS MONTH'S BONUS FEATURE: The recently-returned-to-our-shores Mr
Mikal Fikaris will be showing off copies of the anthology he edited
whilst living in Canada, amongst other things. Should be sweet mate.

Trails is open to everybody - bring yr friends. See you on the 25th!

Future Trails: August 29 | September 26 | October 31 | November 28 |
December 26

Not sure how I got on the mailing list but glad that I am al the same



Non Stop Ive ! said...

This sounds awesome, but Tuesdays?
That is a dumb day.

Anthony Woodward said...

I have a flexible schedule for tuesday and wednesday so I'm going to try and make it for the next one.
Did you check out the site?

Non Stop Ive ! said...

Yeah, it looks really cool.
I do have a friend I can crash with close to there so I have no excuse not to try to get to the next one.