3 August 2006


I don't check Drawn and Quarterly's website for a few weeks and they go and update the whole thing; It's much better now. I desperatly wanted them to have a section devoted to new and upcoming releases so you can check it ever now and again. They even have a blog with regular posts.

And even more shocking and exciting news, after searching the net every so often for any glimpse of info:

"I end up erasing more than I can pencil...if anything, it's always one step backwards." That's Joe Matt explaining the near five-year drought in between issues of his comic book, Peepshow . Things are starting to look up for Joe, or for his work habits at least. Last week we received the cover for Peepshow #14, and he promises that the rest of the issue will be here in a couple of weeks (just a few touch-ups in the backgrounds are left, along with the second color overlays and letters column). This issue also brings to a close a story arc ("the embodiment of the decade I spent in Toronto," says Joe) and will be published early next year in the book Spent.

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