12 October 2006

2-D Games

Started thinking about 2-D game design last night as I was trying to go to sleep. As I’ve had a little trouble getting to sleep this week I decided to get up and hit the net for info on programs that are out there. There are quite a few, but it looks as if you have to learn a bit of C++ programming language to get anywhere. I would really like to do some interactive art/games though…Maybe I should do stuff in flash, but I don’t think you can get flash to respond to keyboard buttons[?]
It go me thinking of my old Commodore 64. So many cool games (even though they were kinda dodgy and super pixalated) I looked up a few sites and remembered that you can download emulators for lots of the games. I haven’t had luck with my mac at home, so maybe I’ll have to try it on a PC at school.
Games I remember I played:

Amazing spiderman


Bionic commando
Donald duck
Human race
Knight games

Monty on the run


To name a few…

There is this one game I’d love to track down but I think it’s probably too obscure. I think it may have been called ‘Excelsior’ and you were this little guy running around platform shooting this little goblin guys,. There where places you could teleport from if you had the right code and also there where point where you had to diffuse bombs by pressing a combination on number keys, which was really hard and accompanied by a loud and annoying buzzing sound. Any one remember this game?

I think it’s great the 3-d games that are possible these days, but I still think there’s room for the continued development of 2-D games. I also think the game developing world is too insular and should incorporate visual artists who don’t have programming skills into games design.


zombo vertov said...

you can get flash to respond to keyboard presses but requires an above the usual actionscript savy (flashes programming language)... but if you were gonna go learn c++ it might be quicker to get up with actionscript... i teach/taught actionscript programming (including game making, the simple way to learn programming concepts is through constructing games) and once you go down that road all pooter programming has the same basic concepts / logic / techniques. its just learning a different language and it requires the same kinda commitment as learning a foriegn language... and helps if you use the language a lot... gurgle. i am a geek.

Non Stop Ive ! said...

Just before this work got stacked on I was relearning Flash so I could make some games and animations.
There's a few sites with open source games you can download and tweak around with and replace all the graphics with your own.

Anthony Woodward said...

really appreaciate the info will respond soon cheers