3 October 2006


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For IF's theme Quiet. I've been reading a book by Timothy Good called 'Need to know' which has blown my mind to put it mildly. The book contains irrefutable evidence of the existence of Unidentified Objects through official documents, photos, and hundreds of witness statements (most of which are by military or government personnel around the world)
So it begs the question why do governments keep quiet on this issue?

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Frank Brown said...

SHHHHHHHHHHH, be quiet!!!

Great image, did you spray paint the *secret thing* onto your collage?

Anthony Woodward said...

No spraypaint it's all digital. For my IF description I say collage as it's the closest style to how I'n using PS.

Jeannette said...

...cuz we'd totally flip out!

anyway... nice piece!

Anthony Woodward said...

Judging by the lack of comments I think people have probably think I've flipped out!

It's hard to tell how much we'd flip out...So yes we'd flip but we'd just have to deal with it