9 October 2006

State Library

Theres some sort of australian comics thing on at the state library soon...Ful info bellow

Heroes & Villains: Australian Comics and their Creators

A cartoon-style illustration of a blonde woman in a red dress being saved by a man in a private investigator-style blue suit and hat

20 October 2006-25 February 2007

Who was the Lone Avenger? What magic word gave Captain Atom his powers? Where did Molo the Mighty come from? And which masked crime-fighter was banned by the Queensland Government?

Heroes & Villains: Australian comics and their creators is a free exhibition at the State Library of Victoria that explores the colourful, and sometimes controversial, history of Australian comic books, from their wartime origins in the 1940s to the present day.

Heroes & Villains showcases hundreds of Australian comic books and rare examples of original artwork, plus toys and merchandise such as Phantom skull rings and Ginger Meggs statuettes. It will appeal to comic-book fans, nostalgia buffs and families alike.

Visitors to the exhibition will discover colourful characters that have entertained generations of Australians - costumed heroes like Captain Power and Dark Nebula, western gunslingers such as the Phantom Ranger and the Hooded Rider, and cheeky misfits like Da 'n' Dill and Fatty Finn.

The exhibition documents a wide range of comic-book genres, including crime, war and horror stories, tales of fantasy and science fiction. It highlights how Australian comics moved beyond the printed page to form the basis for radio serials, toys and merchandise, and even computer games.

The exhibition examines factors that influenced the development of Australian comics, such as competition from imported comic books, censorship, popular literature and the electronic media. It shows how Australian comic fans have expressed their passion and fostered a local comic-book culture through fanzines, comics conventions and online forums.

Heroes & Villains is curated by Kevin Patrick, an Australian comics expert, collector and devoted fan. Many of the items on display are drawn from Kevin’s own former collection, which he recently gifted to the State Library, and which includes nearly every Australian comic published from 1975 to 2005. Other exhibits are from the Library’s pre-existing collection and on loan from private collectors.

Explore the world of Australian comics and their creators even further through our program of exhibition-related events.

Program of Events


Free exhibition tour

Enjoy a free, half-hour guided tour of the exhibition’s highlights.

1.15pm Tues & Thurs; 2.30pm Sun (except 26 Dec-7 Jan)
Venue: Meet in front foyer
Bookings: only required for groups (03 8664 7555 or learning@slv.vic.gov.au)
Cost: free

Free Audio tour

For a lively commentary on the exhibition, download the audio tour to your mp3 player (or borrow a player from Experimedia). Visit slv.vic.gov.au/heroes from 20 October and follow the link to the audio tour.

Tour for school groups

A guided tour suitable for all year levels. Every student will soon have a favourite character!

Half-hour tours available, Mon-Fri during school terms
Venue: Meet in front foyer
Bookings: 03 8664 7555 or learning@slv.vic.gov.au
Cost: $2 per student

Talks & forums

Secret Identities: The Curator in Conversation

Hear exhibition curator Kevin Patrick reveal what changed him from a mild-mannered writer into a self-confessed comics addict! Kevin will be joined in conversation by Shane Carmody, the Library’s Director of Collections and Access.

Tues 24 Oct, 6.30-7.45pm
Venue: Village Roadshow Theatrette (Entry 3, La Trobe Street)
Bookings: 03 8664 7016 or bookings@slv.vic.gov.au
Cost: $12/$10

Meet the Curator (for Foundation members)

Before the Secret Identities talk (above), members of the State Library of Victoria Foundation are invited to enjoy complimentary drinks with Kevin Patrick.

Tues 24 Oct, 5.45-6.30pm
Venue and bookings as for Secret Identities

Inside the exhibition: Free curator talks

Curator and comics buff Kevin Patrick offers a lively introduction to the exhibition.

Wed 25 Oct, 2-3pm; Sun 26 Nov, 3-4pm; Wed 13 Dec, 6-7pm; Wed 14 Feb, 3-4pm
Venue: Keith Murdoch Gallery
Bookings: 03 86647016 or bookings@slv.vic.gov.au
Cost: free

Shaun Tan and 'The Arrival'

Meet leading picture-book illustrator Shaun Tan and discover his new graphic novel, The Arrival. It pushes the boundaries of the genre, tracing the journey of a migrant through a series of compelling images.

Wed 25 Oct, 6.30-8pm (exhibition open to 6.30pm)
Venue: Village Roadshow Theatrette (Entry 3, La Trobe Street)
Bookings: 03 8664 7555 or learning@slv.vic.gov.au
Cost: free

Publish or Perish? The Future of Comics and Zines

A forum featuring contemporary comic and zine producers. From online and DIY to commercial publishing, how do they get their work out there? With alicia sometimes (Aural Text, Going Down Swinging), Bruce Mutard (Street Smell, The Bunker), Bernard Caleo (Cardigan Comics, Tango) and Luke Sinclair (Sticky), and moderated by zine editor and comic producer Adam Ford.

Thurs 26 Oct, 6.30-8.30pm
Venue: Experimedia
Bookings: 03 8664 7555 or learning@slv.vic.gov.au
Cost: free

Comics as Collectables

A free workshop for comic collectors, with Heroes & Villains curator Kevin Patrick, bookseller Mick Stone and librarian David Studham. Learn how to build and care for your collection, and bring your comics along for a free, informal valuation - you could be sitting on a treasure!

Sat 20 Jan, 2-4.30pm
Venue: Experimedia
Bookings: not required
Cost: free


Classic comic films

Enjoy free screenings of classic Australian films with a ‘comic’ connection, including Ginger Meggs, The Kid Stakes, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo and Fatty Finn.

Thurs nights in Jan & Feb
Venue: Experimedia
Bookings: not required
Cost: free

Zap! Pow! Blog!

Meet leading Australian comic creators online in a unique three-day blog event. Guest bloggers include Trudy Cooper (Platinum Grit), Mandy Ord (Nosebleed), Tad Pietrzykowski (Dark Nebula) and Dillon Naylor (Batrisha, Da & Dill). Learn about their fabulous creations, their favourite comic heroes, and what inspires them. To join in, go to slv.vic.gov.au/heroes from 12 January 2007 and follow the links to Zap! Pow! Blog!

Fri 12-Sun 14 Jan, 12-7.30pm

The Comics Lounge

Relax in the Comics Lounge in Experimedia and sample a range of current Australian comics and graphic novels, CD-ROMs including Vintage Australian Comic Books, games such as Cyberswine, animations and sound files.

20 Oct-25 Feb (during Library hours)
Venue: Experimedia
Cost: free

I Need a Hero! Online Competition

We need a hero - so upload your own superhero images to this online competition. Acclaimed illustrator Doug Holgate (Laika, Flight) will comment on entries, choose the winners, and create the ‘ultimate superhero’ by combining the best features of selected entries. Prizes include $50 gift vouchers from Minotaur Books. To enter, go to slv.vic.gov.au/heroes from 4 December and follow the links to I Need a Hero!

Mon 4 Dec-Sun 4 Feb

Live Superhero Action!

Come and watch in awe as acclaimed Space Commander Hotch Charzinski proves that he is the greatest living comic superhero! A tour de force performance incorporating magic, acrobatics and geometry!

Dec, Jan and Feb
Venue: Library Forecourt
Cost: free

Summer fun for kids

Draw Your Own Hero! (for ages 7-12)

Guided by a professional comic-book artist, children will create their own digital image of a comic superhero and upload it to the I Need a Hero online competition.

Mon 29-Wed 31 Jan, and Thurs 1-Fri 2 Feb; 10am-3.30pm
Venue: Meet in front foyer
Bookings: 03 8664 7555 or learning@slv.vic.gov.au
Cost: $40 per child

Drawing for Fun (for ages 7-12)

In this fun drawing workshop with a professional children’s book illustrator, children will be encouraged to explore their own thoughts and ideas with pencil in hand. (Materials supplied.)

Tues 23 & Thurs 25 Jan, 10.30am-12noon
Venue: Meet in front foyer
Bookings: 03 8664 7555 or learning@slv.vic.gov.au
Cost: $12

Extreme Cartooning (for ages 7-12)

In this exciting drawing workshop with a professional children’s book illustrator, children will experiment with drawing comic and cartoon characters. (Materials supplied.)

Tues 23 & Thurs 25 Jan, 1-3pm
Venue: Meet in front foyer
Bookings: 03 8664 7555 or learning@slv.vic.gov.au
Cost: $15

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