17 April 2007


This is no easy question I know (I’ve been all questions lately) but can anyone offer advice for distributing books within Australia?

I ask this as I’m considering getting my next digest 'perfect bound' (as I'd like it to be around 50 pp) which would mean I would have to print up more copies, which means I have to sell more copies, which I can’t do with my own distribution methods.

I’m thinking even if I could get onto a small distributing company that deals nationally with smaller book stores, not necessarily every newsagent and bookstore in the country. I know there must be lots of artist/writers out there that have looked into this supposed minefield already.


Anonymous said...

I have no actual information, but I was thinking the Going Down Swinging people or similar might be good to ask questions of. Mandy Ord/Amber Carvan put out that little Brick Dog book a while ago, and that turned up in all sorts of places, they might have some ideas? Maybe call some book stores direct and ask who they deal with
I would be interesting in hearing what you find out.

Anonymous said...

Me too ... I have a feeling your blog will be a good resource to my research (when I get more time to do it) because you seem to ask the same questions I have been.

I will probably look into this very question soon. If I find the answer first I will tell you (and vice versa, right).