2 October 2013

Rat Catcher - Oct 1st

I had been doing some preliminary drawing for this years Christmas card when I started thinking about doing a series of ink drawings. Trying to keep the figure simple and drawing them straight with ink, no pencil preparation at all. The I heard through the talented Arran McKenna about 'Inktober' where you produce a daily ink drawing during October and thought this would be a greta project to join in on. 

I am thinking of combining these two things together and spending the month doing a series of ink drawings. I am going to aim for one per day, but I will see how I go. I do seem to give myself these challenges right when I have other things going on (I have six week of study left)
This particular drawing is based on a character from the TV show 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' from season six episode six 'The Rat Dog'

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